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Edge of Eternity is now on Kickstarter

Midgar Studios, a French indie studio, has taken their new game, Edge of Eternity, to Kickstarter in hopes of receiving support from the gamers by launching the crowdfunding campaign for this JRPG project.

Edge of Eternity is an indie tribute to many JRPG classics by offering a huge universe of blending fantasy filled with science-fiction, Active Time Battle, character customization, and a branching story. Inspired greatly by JRPG traditions, Edge of Eternity will have strategical turned-based combats with character progressions. After seeing such a huge success from Western RPG’s, Midgar Studios decided to create Edge of Eternity, which is about exploring, building up characters, fighting, and living an adventure your sure to remember.

Edge of Eternity

Feature for the game are:


Defeat your enemies in strategic fights powered by an ATB inspired by the best JRPG, mixing real-time and turn-based gameplay.


Unique weapon progression system based on item leveling and a special crystal enhancement skill tree with multiple branches. Make crucial choices and get customized weapons for your style.


Begin your journey in the surprising lands of planet Heryon. From hidden caverns to grassy plains, from ancient cities to dark spaceships, explore freely a vast gaming playground.


Live a rich and stirring adventure driven by the choices you make along the branching storyline and many sub-quests.


Heryon was once a peaceful world. For years, the crystals gave the three realms of Astrya, Junor and Dehostra, the same access to powerful magic powers and created an harmonious balance. Then They came… They came above Junor first. In no time, their massive spaceship destroyed everything that was once a majestic capital city and they took possession of the realm.

Reynan, Grand General of Dehostra’s armies, took leadership for the defense of Heryon. He founded the Consortium and used all the magical power the crystals could give to launch the counterattack. Battles after battles, the Consortium pushed the invaders back and got them trapped into their landed spaceship transformed into an invincible fortress. Unable to break the siege, the enemy made a dreadful move: unleash of a terrible biological weapon people will soon call “The Metal Sickness”.

Now, 30 years later, the siege is still going on and Heryon lives in pain and in fear of a new open war.

Main Characters:


Born and raised far away from the cities, Daryon is a hot-tempered young man who just joined the Royal Academy of Astrya. Naturally gifted, he learns very quickly the use of crystals, hoping to become soon a Royal Army Officer. But he doesn’t handle his emotions as well as he controls magic. He tends to overreact and that may change the course of his life.


Selen is the daughter of Roan, the man who led the survivors of Junor to Astrya where they now live as nomads. Shy princess of this landless people, she uses magic on her own very special way: playing music. Meeting Daryon will take her far away from her clan but closer to her roots.


Once a proud officer of the Astryan Royal Army, Fallon had his life torn apart when his brother died. Weakened by the pain, he lost himself in alcohol and gambling. Deeply indebted, he is now forced into smuggling forbidden technology in order to save his last and only property: his airship. Cynical but caring, he could become a precious ally to Daryon if he proves he can be trustworthy.


Infected by the Metal Sickness and amnesiac, the little girl got rejected by everyone and ended up in a camp of plague-bearers. Surprisingly, she resists the disease and turns out to be funny and full of life. When Daryon shows up, she seizes the opportunity to run away, eager to live and to find answers to the mystery of her story.

Music by Y. Mitsuda

Yasunori Mitsuda is one of the most famous video game music composers in Japan. His talent has been widely acclaimed as he worked on title as famous as Chrono Trigger, Xenogears, Chrono Cross, Xenosaga, Soul Sacrifice, Kid Icarus: Uprising and more. For Midgar Studio, this is a real honor to have the opportunity to work with such an artist. Yasunori Mitsuda will join definitively Edge of Eternity if the goal is achieved and he is really looking forward to it.

“In this project “Edge of Eternity” I’ll take part as a music composer, looking forward to creating music for such an epic perspective of the world which I really love. I’m sure the game will be a great work with a collaboration between creators in France and Japan. I hope you everybody also look forward to the goal of this project, and for its realization we need your cooperation. I’ll do my best to contribute to beautiful music you all will love.”

If you would like to know more information about Edge of Eternity’s stages, gameplay info, open-worlds & world-map, and concept art; and would like to help out by supporting this crowdfunded project on Kickstarter as well as playing the demo for PC, Linux, and Mac, click here!

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