Grab Some Tissues! ‘Batkid Begins’ Trailer Celebrates Miles Scott’s Emotional Journey

He's the hero Gotham deserves AND the one it needs right now!

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November 15, 2013: a day that united America and the world as thousands gathered in San Francisco, transforming it into Gotham City for one ultimate Make-A-Wish Foundation celebration for five-year-old Miles “Batkid” Scott.

On this epic day, donning a cape and cowl, Miles took on the Penguin, saved a damsel in distress and was presented with the key to the city thanks to an intense outpouring of spontaneous support around the world. Now, Miles’ story is featured in the new documentary: Batkid Begins.

Miles’ wish touched the heart of filmmaker Dana Nachman so much that she was inspired to explore what happens when a small-scale event aiming to fulfill one wish goes unintentionally viral, ultimately revealing surprising truths about what happens when someone inspires our society in a digital age.

Batkid Begins hits theaters on June 26.

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