Here’s 12 Minutes of Battlefield: Hardline Singleplayer Gameplay

Today at the EA Gamescom Press Conference 12 minutes of Battlefield: Hardline’s singleplayer campaign was shown, check out the debut footage embedded above.

The footage introduces some new gameplay mechanics for the Battlefield series, such as the ability to hold up enemies and handcuff them, use a scanner to ‘spot’ guards,check for cameras and alarms and the tazer weapon that allows a non lethal play through of the game. All these features show that Hardline is aiming for a different feel than the previous Battlefield games, Hardline seems to have a focus on stealth rather than the full out action we have become used to.

Personally I enjoyed the stealthier look of Hardline, it’s always nice to have the option to do things quieter. Sneaking around the stronghold reminded me a lot of Far Cry 3, especially with the ability to spot guards using the scanner, it is not a bad place to take inspiration from so hopefully it turns out well.

Let me know in the comments what you thought of the campaign footage, do you like the look of it? Will you bother playing through the campaign at all?

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