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Hunt: Showdown Official Gameplay Footage

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The web has been raving about Crytek’s monster hunter Hunt: Showdown ever since E3 wrapped up last week. For those who don’t know already, Hunt: Showdown is a survival based monster slayer, where other players may or may not be lurking in your session. Hunt is all about making the hunter become the hunted.

In the footage, you’ll see a duo of hunters seeking out a giant spider as part of a bounty. As they seek out clues to the monster’s whereabouts, they come across other players in the session and attempt to sneak by without alerting the other players. On their path, they encounter zombies and a number of menaces before finally finding the spider.

After a struggle, they manage to banish the spider, but once they banish the monster their location appears on the map. This means that our players are now vulnerable to attack by the other players on the map.

You’ll get to see just how atmospheric Hunt: Showdown is, and the realistic visuals make it all the more terrifying.

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