Meet the New Overwatch Hero, Ana Amari

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Blizzard has revealed the newest Overwatch hero, ahead of next week’s Comic-Con panel. Ana Amari, who is also Pharah’s mother, is a support sniper with the ability to heal teammates and damage enemies by firing at them with her rifle.

Another of Ana’s abilities is sure to enrage players, as she’s able to cancel an enemy’s ultimate by putting them to sleep, and can also prevent a target from healing temporarily. Her ultimate gives allies a damage and speed boost for a short period of time.

With this skill-set it’s going to be interesting to see how balanced Ana will be. On paper she seems to have an advantage over any team composition. In the video she moves fairly quickly, which also works in her favor. If we use Widowmaker as an example, we can assume that Ana’s weakness will be leaving herself vulnerable to attack as she takes aim through her rifle.

Many people believed that the next Overwatch hero would be named Sombra, who was also rumored to be a support sniper. Whether or not Blizzard plans to reveal Sombra next week at Comic-Con will be anyone’s guess at this point. Blizzard has openly stated that they are exploring new heroes to add to Overwatch, so Ana will likely be the first of many.

Leave your comments and let us know what you think of Ana Amari. Props to Eurogamer for the exclusive.

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