Quantum Break Going to PC, Gets New Trailer

Fanboys feel a disturbance in the force.

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In today’s gaming landscape, it’s becoming increasingly rare to see an “exclusive” game stay exclusive. Both Microsoft and Sony have had titles go from exclusive to multi-platform. While not necessarily a bad thing, it’s still newsworthy.

Today, Remedy Entertainment and Microsoft have announced that Quantum Break will be coming to Windows 10 as well as the Xbox One on April 5. The companies also announced a bunch of pre-order incentives, an Xbox One bundle, and a brand new trailer.

You can view the minimum and recommended specs for Quantum Break by clicking here.

In order to try and appease the angry horde of Xbox owners, Remedy has announced that anyone who pre-orders the game for the Xbox One through the Xbox Store will receive a code for the PC version free of charge.

The company also promised that all copies of Quantum Break for the Xbox One will come packaged with the cult classic Alan Wake, along with the two DLCs for the game (The Signal and The Writer). The game and its DLC will obviously take advantage of Xbox One’s backwards compatibility ability. Should you pre-order the game at participating retailers (or the Xbox Store), you’ll get a full download of Alan Wake’s American Nightmare that debuted on the Xbox 360.


Also announced today was an Xbox One bundle for the game that Microsoft plans on shipping with at launch. The bundle will contain a white Xbox One that has a 500 GB hard drive, a digital copy of Quantum Break, and a digital copy of Alan Wake and its DLCs.

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