The Co-op Podcast 75: Does The Kinect-less Xbox One Give Microsoft an Advantage Ahead of E3?

This week on The Co-op we’re joined by Icon, Charles Singletary, and Kieran Blackman. Co-founder Anthony Frasier also makes another appearance as we discuss the latest in gaming. Among our news heavy episode this week was the announcement that Microsoft have made steps to improve the Xbox One’s position against the competition. Not only will there be a Kinect-less Xbox One at a reduced price, but they’re also removing popular streaming apps from the Xbox Live pay-wall. Does this put Microsoft on extremely good footing leading into E3? Listen as we debate on it.

Details of Sony’s possible E3 conference were leaked online recently, but are these leaked details 100% truthful? We go down the list and determine which announcements could possibly hold some weight, and which ones aren’t likely to happen.

Ubisoft revealed that the PS4 version of Watch Dogs actually runs at 900p, while the Xbox One version runs at 729p. Both versions will run at 30fps. Does this in any way affect the quality of the game? Will it sway buyers in their purchase? We discuss it.

Also we give our opinions on the recent footage of Sunset Overdrive. All this and more.

The last episode of The Koalition was such a hit that we decided to invite a couple more guests on the show. We’ll also be doing weekly Co-op’s leading into to E3 so be on the lookout. Hit us up if you’d like to be a guest on an upcoming episode. Be sure to let us know what you think of all topics discussed in the comments below.

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