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Throwback Thursday: Poppa LQ (1990 – 1999)

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Poppa LQ‘s album “Your Entertainment, My Reality” was released 18 years ago to this day. This week’s Throwback Thursday looks back at some of his tracks.

The first Poppa LQ track of our selected five is from that very album. “Why Hate Me” was one of the singles released for “Your Entertainment, My Reality” and the video featured fellow Rap-A-Lot records label-mate CJ Mac. The track was produced by N.O. Joe.

Our second track “All I Know” is from the 1999 album “Doing Business As…“. This was a D.B.A. album. D.B.A. was a rap trio that Poppa LQ was a part of, alongside Cool Nutz and producer Bosko. “All I Know” features rap veteran E-40.

Track three is a rather interesting track. It is from 1990 where Poppa LQ was known as Laquan. What is even more interesting is the nature of the music. It isn’t the hardcore gangsta-rap that Poppa LQ is now known for. It is a more concious, message-driven style. “Now’s The B Turn” is from Poppa LQ’s (a.K.a. Laquan and now a.K.a Kenny Kingpin) 1990 album “Notes Of A Native Son“. The video features some cringe-worthy dancing and regrettable pastel suits. “Now’s The B Turn” was produced by Wolf & Epic.

Track four goes back to his gangsta-rap days of 1997. “Simpin’ Into Pimpin’” is from Swoop G‘s “Undisputed” album. “Simpin’ Into Pimpin’” was produced by soon-to-be fellow D.B.A. member Bosko who sampled Patrice Rushen‘s “Forget Me Nots” (more recognizable as “Men In Black” by Will Smith).

The final track is from the 1995 album “Your Entertainment, My Reality“. “Who Can I Trust” is the final track from the album and is a far cry from his “Now’s The B Turn” track. This track features appearances from AMG and frequent collaborator CJ Mac. “Who Can I Trust” was also produced by AMG.

Poppa LQ’s (a.K.a. Laquan, a.K.a Kenny Kingpin, a.K.a Pick A Fuckin Name) “Your Entertainment, My Reality” and the rest of his music library is still available.

Poppa LQ - Your Entertainment, My Reality

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