Titanfall Gameplay Launch Trailer Debuts

Highly anticipated FPS is only a week away from release now

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Today, Respawn Entertainment released the official launch trailer from their upcoming Titanfall video game.

The video embedded above gives us a preview of the narrative behind Titanfall along with some dazzling gameplay footage from both human and mech combat encounters. Respawn has stated on numerous occasions that Titanfall won’t have a traditional single player campaign mode, but will instead introduce a unique multiplayer campaign that players will have to playthrough twice to get the most out of. This trailer comes just one week from the game’s official release in North America.

The hype surrounding Titanfall has reached fever pitch levels ever since the beta was released last month. Microsoft is hoping that the title can give the Xbox One console sales a significant boost as the year goes on. The fact that is game also is coming to PC will definitely have an overall impact on how well it does on the Xbox One. Nonetheless, it will be great to finally see if this game lives up to all the hype that it has been getting so far.

Are any of you planning on picking up Titanfall next week? Where you impressed or disappointed by this gameplay trailer? Please feel free to let us know your thoughts on the game and more in the comments section below.

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