Triad Wars Debut Trailer Released

Sleeping Dogs devs aiming to kick things up a notch with Triad Wars

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Earlier today, United Front Games released a debut trailer from their latest game set within the same world as Sleeping Dogs.

Triad Wars is a PC exclusive online open world action strategy game in which players are able to dictate their own roles within Hong Kong’s criminal underground. United Front Games have described this title as a bold step away from Sleeping Dogs and instead an opportunity for players to focus on building their own empires and compete against each other for territory and resources. Triad Wars won’t feature a dedicated storyline but will still have all of same elements that made their previous title both exciting and memorable.

As a diehard fan of Sleeping Dogs, I’m personally disappointed that we aren’t getting a straight up sequel instead of this. However, the simple fact that a definitive edition of the game is coming to both the PS4 and Xbox One next month does at least open up the possibilities to a follow up down the road. Hopefully this is something United Front Games decides to explore, as I’m sure many fans would pick that game up in a heartbeat.

Triad Wars is expected to release sometime next year. If you’re intrigued by this title, you can register for the beta right HERE.

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