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Throwdown Ep. 04 – “iLemmings”

Welcome to another episode of our Throwdown podcast. This is a show where we discuss video games, pop culture and tech in an honest and uncompromising fashion. You won’t get any bullshit here.

On tonight’s episode of Throwdown, we discuss the new iPhone 6. Specifically, we talk about how the phone is made out of shoddy materials which cause it to bend easily. Why are Apple fans so vehemently defending this significant defect? This also leads into a larger discussion about brand loyalty and how fans of a particular product or company will blindly champion it even in the face of obvious flaws.

In addition, we discuss whether or not video games are inherently “geeky” or not. Video Games are universal of course, but at their core, are they really something that only geeks and nerds (i.e. Awesome People) can truly appreciate and understand? We also talk about Forza Horizon 2 and how it is currently the best Xbox One game available.

This week I was joined by: Emilio LopezBrian Munjoma, Chris Sealy, and Richard Bailey Jr.

Thanks as always to Shawn Daley for our awesome intro and outro music.

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Rachael Murdock, our producer, has been diagnosed with stage 2B breast cancer. She is currently undergoing chemotherapy. She created an online journal on Tumblr to give people updates about her condition. There, you can read her story and if you feel inclined, you can donate. Remember that every bit counts but if you can’t donate, words of encouragement can mean just as much.

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