How to turn off Xbox LIVE account Auto Renewal

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Major Nelson recently posted a little guide on how to turn off the dreaded auto renewal of your Xbox Live gold account. I seriously don’t know why this feature took to so long to appear, people have been asking for it since 2005. Anyway onto the guide.

  • Sign in to and go to the My Account section.
  • Click the Membership level link on the left.
  • You’ll see a page that has your Membership level, and the end date. Under that, you’ll see your “Automatic Renewal” status.


  • If it reads ON (like the screenshot above) You can click the ON link and you’ll be brought to next page that will let you switch it on or off.

  • Make your selection, then click next.
  • You’ll be returned to your Membership level page, where you can confirm your selection


That’s it, now you won’t have to worry about Microsoft taking money out of your bank account every year.

[VIA:Major Nelson]

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