$199 PS3 This Year? Sony Possibly Puts The Pressure On Kinect

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HipHopGamer is back with another news filled show based on the gaming industry. This week he speaks on the possibility of a price drop. Previously Sony has stated that they are not ready for another price drop due to the fact that they are now profiting from the Playstation 3, but they said they would be open to creating bundles which will save money. However Could it be possible that Sony have changed their minds? Let’s hear what HipHopGamer has to say on this spectacular show.

On the show:

1. Gears 3 Locust Campaign possible add-on
2. Brand New PS Move Footage proves accuracy
3. Mark Rein Is Aiming For The Ipad
4. HipHopRSS – Lil Kim Comes Back With Dr. Dre For Detox


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