APB Voice Chat Will Have Ads?

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Say it aint so! Well it is. And after reading the details it’s not so bad. But, regardless on whether its bad or not this may start a trend that will never end. It’s like every year somebody creates something that’s great for the game makers, but bad for the game players. One example is the EA Sports online pass. But now Realtime Worlds wants to place ad’s on the voice chat line.

An APB community manager rushed to dispel fears that chat advertisements would interrupt or obstruct the game at crucial points. To be served an ad, a player must be crossing into another district and must not have heard an ad for the past three hours. The control seems to assure you won’t be spammed with ads.

If you don’t want the ads at all, you can buy something called “VOIP Premium,” which strips ads from the chat for 30, 90 or 180 days depending on how much you pay.- KOTAKU

I’m already paying a subscription to play this MMO now I have to pay to not hear ad’s? And depending on what level subscription I have I may have to pay every 30 days? At this rate I won’t have any money left after cashing my Koalition checks!


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