PS3 Cross Game Voice Chat, Only On Playstation Plus

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As you seen at E3 Sony announced a new paid add-on service called Playstation Plus, which will extend the PSN experience and comes with lots of perks as detail in James article. From Early access to certain game demos, discounts, digital content, automatic updates but one of the biggest is what many gamers been screaming for, Cross Game Voice Chat feature in the PSN.

Cross-game Voice Chat: invite your friends to chat online no matter what game you’re all playing, even if they aren’t members of PlayStation Plus.

The Playstation Plus service will launch on Jun 29th, Sony will allow current PS3 owners a free three-month trial of the service, a good decision as it could give doubtful playstation gamers a chance to preview the service and get them to support it.

The PlayStation Plus service will cost $50 a year or $17.99 for 3 months. All content from PlayStation Plus is only usable during the length of the subscription, meaning you won’t have access to it after that period expires.

What do you think?, will this feature being premium bring more gamers subscribe to the Playstation Plus service?

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