DJ Hero 2 Adds Six Multiplayer Modes

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DJ Hero made its debut late last year, and left me impressed but I couldn’t help to think on all the improvements that could have been made. For one, the multiplayer options were very limited, one mode is simply not enough. DJ Hero 2 promises to amp up the multiplayer fun by having more social options like party play and allowing a friend to jump into the mix via a mic. DJ Hero 2 will also feature six multiplayer modes that consist of DJ Battle, Head-To-Head, Checkpoint, and more. You can get a more in-depth look on the six multiplayer modes by clicking the video below.

So far, DJ Hero 2 proves to be a good improvement on the foundation that was built in the first game. I look forward to dusting off my turntable this Fall 2010 when DJ Hero 2 is released. Enjoy the clip.

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