EA Signs Insomniac On To Make Multi-Platform Title

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EA has partnered up with Insomniac in a deal that will see Insomniac creating their first game that will release for the Xbox 360. Not much is known about the game thus far, except that it will release on the Playstation 3 and Xbox 360. For 16 years Insomniac has only created games for the Playstation brand, and they now have fanboys screaming now that they are going multi-platform. Games in their library include Spyro The Dragon, Ratchet & Clank, and the Resistance franchise. Ted Price said the following about partnering with EA.

“Working with EA Partners allows us to extend the reach of our games to a multiplatform audience while retaining ownership of the intellectual property,” said CEO of Insomniac, Ted Price.

“We are excited and eager to introduce Insomniac to a new group of gamers while reinforcing to our loyal fans what makes our games special.”

“Insomniac is renowned for their commitment to quality and their ability to create unique, exciting worlds for gamers to explore,” said EA Partners general manager, David DeMartini.

“We look forward to help them bring their next blockbuster franchise to the millions of diehard Insomniac fans on PlayStation and the soon to be millions of diehard Insomniac fans on Xbox 360.”

There are currently no details about the new IP, or when we can expect it on our consoles. This move goes to show however, that this generation is all about the multi-platform IP’s.

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