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Boxing Enthusiasts and longtime fans of the Fight Night series have been eagerly anticipating news regarding the next entry in the popular franchise. Luckily for everyone, EA Sports is now finally starting to unveil information regarding the single player story mode. Here is a brief description of what Champion mode has in store for the gamer:

When Fight Night Champion is released on March 1, 2011, it will be the first title from EA SPORTS to include a single player narrative that draws the user into a focused story about an individual character. Written by Hollywood screenwriter, Will Rokos, Champion Mode will tell the story of Philadelphia born middleweight boxer Andre Bishop and will introduce videogame and boxing fans alike to a side of sports rarely explored in videogames.

The idea of doing a story driven narrative to correlate with the single player experience is an idea I have long waited to see be implemented into this series. As Andre Bishop you will encounter life in and outside the ring packed full of trails and tribulations that will ultimately shape you on your path towards becoming a champion.

The screenwriter penned to write the story is best known for his work on Monster’s Ball and while I don’t expect any signature Halle Berry “Make Me Feel Good” moments, I do anticipate mature themes such as suggested drug use, violence, and explicit language to take center stage.

EA Sports has also provided two promotional videos below to introduce you to the character without giving away too many details on the plot. After checking out these clips, feel free to head over to their dedicated Facebook page HERE and you can sign up and receive updates on the game.

What do you guys think of this new approach to the single player career mode? Let us know in the comments below.

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