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As I’ve mentioned in several recent episodes of The Co-Op Podcast, I’ve recently entered the iPod Touch gaming era. I’m a little late but I’ve been doing alot of bite-sized gaming on my new device. I was recently given the opportunity to try out World of Popus, developed by Spanish developer Small Wonders. World of Popus is the game that had me ready to throw my new device out the window this past Thanksgiving weekend, yet it was probably the game I played the most.

World of Popus centers around these small, adorable, purple creatures. World of Popus is essentially a collection of mini-games. Each of the 15 levels requires you to complete several obstacles ranging from racing, survival, labyrinths, and more. There’s some good variety of gametypes but all of them can turn out to be frustrating. For one, the game is linear, you cannot skip a level if it’s too hard. And it doesn’t help out that there are no checkpoints in any of the levels. Expect to be stuck on a level for days, but at the same time I was up for the challenge and kept on trying. I guess that’s a testament of the games addictive nature. Don’t judge a game by its cuteness because World of Popus will challenge even the most skilled players.

The gameplay in World of Popus is different from any game I’ve seen on the App Store thus far. Unlike most App Store games, World of Popus discourages direct touch contact with the main character. Instead, World of Popus puts you in the role of GOD of the Popus. The Popus fear your finger, so in order for you to move them you have to run your finger right behind them on the screen. The closer you are, the faster they run. This can be tricky at first but it’s easy enough to learn the controls quickly.

World of Popus is an addictive and challenging game that will test your patience and anger level. I’m enjoying playing this game in bits like many of my other mobile games. World of Popus still has room for improvements, and I hope developer Small Wonders can iron out some of the games lesser moments while including more great moments via updates. World of Popus is out now on the App Store for iPhone and iPod Touch for only $0.99 cents.

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