GAME Taking Project Natal Pre-Orders On JUNE 13.

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Project Natal is shaping up to be one of the biggest hardware reveals we’ve seen at E3, you know the buzz will be huge and the stores are gearing up for the massive response heading their way.

One store specifically GAME has told their customers that they will be taking Pre-Orders for Project Natal on the same day it gets unveiled at E3, expect other stores worldwide to follow suit.

“Thank you for registering your interest in Project Natal – a brand new way to play games and experience entertainment on your Xbox 360 console!

As a registered fan of Natal, we’ll be emailing you every time we get a new titbit of information – so you can feel fully informed as you look forward to this exciting new era in Xbox gaming.

We have just heard that Natal will be available to preorder on 13th June!”

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