Harmonix Working On Dance Game For Natal?

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Developer Harmonix is known for working on Rock Band and starting the Guitar Hero craze. Rock Band 3 is currently in development and is due out later this year. GameInformer is reporting that Rock Band 3 isn’t the only game Harmonix is working on.

GameInformer believes they are working on a dance game for Xbox 360’s Natal. Harmonix have recently been licensing several pop and dance songs, music that wouldn’t be suited for Rock Band. Then again, Lady Gaga’s music is offered as DLC for Rock Band so who knows. Either way, I believe this rumor might be true. Ubisoft hit a home-run with Just Dance and I don’t blame Harmonix for trying to strike some gold of their own. And just to refresh your memory, Harmonix was listed as one of the developers working with Project Natal. I don’t see how they could implement Natal on Rock Band 3.

It’s just a rumor for now, but we’ll know the truth once E3 comes around.


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