Gamestaq relaunch planning to compete with Gamestop & Amazon

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The concept of trading in used Video Games in return for store credit has long been a popular practice by many gaming fans throughout the world. Retailers like Gamestop, Best Buy,, and Toys-R-Us have all offered up credits in exchange for older titles while promoting the concept of future sales. Last year a unique gaming startup company called Gamestaq decided to take that idea a step further by giving people cash instead of credit.

After a successful run spanning several months, the founders decided to halt the service and focus on rebranding the site. As of today, the new Gamestaq is nearing completion and is expected to launch any day now. In celebration of this monumental event, they are offering a unique promo that can easily net you $40 dollars for trading in some of your titles. Here is a brief list of some of the games currently involved in the promo. Click on the image below to see this graphic at a higher resolution.

If this offer interests you then do the following:

Visit and signup by email to instantly join the promo. Please note only the first 2,500 gamers qualify so ACT NOW !!!

Once you have signed up you’ll be notified of the site relaunch and have until December 15th to send in any of those games for the $40 cash promo. It’s also worth noting that Gamestaq equally accepts less popular games at reasonable rates much higher then both Gamestop and Amazon. I’ll be providing a more updated list of titles once the site becomes active to keep you guys in the loop. In the meantime I would encourage you to sign up and feel free to check out our interview with the creators behind the brand HERE.

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