Halo: Reach Noble Map Pack Out Now, Impressions

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Bungie isn’t quite done with Halo just yet. If you’re still spending countless hours on Halo: Reach’s multiplayer then you know that Bungie is still supporting the game heavily. New challenges everyday, new playlist every month, and now, The Noble Map Pack. The first batch of DLC for Halo: Reach is called the Noble Map Pack, and comes equipped with three brand new maps and seven new achievements worth a total of 250 Gamerscore. The Noble Map Pack is out today for 800 Microsoft Points but before you run to purchase them, allow me to give you my impressions.

Anchor 9 – Best for 4V4 Slayer, Objective Gametypes

Let me start off with the best map in the pack, Anchor 9. This map is located in an orbital dockyard and is the smallest map of the three. It’s a symmetrical map which is what I enjoy so much about Halo’s map structure. This allows gametypes like Capture-The-Flag and Assault to work perfectly even for both teams, no matter what side you spawn on. The coolest section of the map by far is the anti-gravity section. Going past the not-so-shielded doors is a small edge in which the anti-gravity goes into effect. In the few games I’ve played on this map, it’s the most popular spot in the map and seeing people fall to their deaths for making a bad jump is hilarious.

Breaking Point – Best for Invasion, Big team Battle

Breaking Point is the one map in the pack that was built for Invasion. Like the Invasion maps on disc, Breaking Point is pretty big. Breaking point is located around the ONI research facilities and snowy caves. I’m still not a fan of the Invasion gametype and can’t stand huge maps like this one. I’m more of a close quarters type of player. I will give Breaking Point props for not being so damn confusing considering the size of the map. From the start, I knew where to go to find enemies and where my team spawns.

Tempest – Best for 4v4 Slayer, Objective, Big Team Battle

Last but not least is Tempest. This map is located near the sea, and has a striking resemblance to Halo 3’s Valhalla map. Both maps have a man cannon that lifts you to the middle of the map for instant action once the game starts, and they’re both outdoor levels. I’ll be honest and say that I was one of the Halo 3 players that would quit out immediately after seeing Valhalla, but Tempest works pretty decently. I think the perks, especially Sprint, make this map more tolerable to people like me who either hated Valhalla or just aren’t into maps of this size. This maps is going to be a snipers favorite, which means I shouldn’t play this map.

Those are my thoughts on each of the three maps featured in the Noble Map Pack. Again, the Noble Map Pack is out right now at retailers and on the Xbox Live Marketplace for 800 Microsoft Points.

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