Heavy Rain DLC Scrapped Because Of Move

Heavy Rain featured a highly addictive storyline that griped players right up until the end; the problem was that it was very hard to play again once you knew what happened. Well David Cage has revealed that he had hours of DLC content planned for the series, until Sony ordered them to focus more on adding Move functionality to the game. Cage explains in an interview with NowGamer that they have limited time to work on Heavy Rain so that the team can start on new projects, and working on Move support has set them back quite a lot when it comes to Heavy Rain DLC.

“We proposed three episodes about one hour long and being focused on the background of the main characters. I thought fans would really enjoy these episodes because they explained many aspects of HR and why characters are who they are.”

“Unfortunately, Sony preferred to ask us to focus on Move to support the device rather than on creating new content,” added Cage. “On our side, we did not want to spend more time on HR, which would have meant delaying new projects. This is a decision I can understand, and I am certainly happy we had the opportunity to play with this device and to support it, although I am certainly disappointed for fans we could not finish the story of HR the way we intended.”

Uh-oh, I guess that means we may never see those extra hours of Heavy Rain gameplay, which would have been great. Although I am anxious to play Heavy Rain with the Move, I would much rather play the game with new content than playing the same old storyline. On the other hand it’s just one of those things where Sony needs to push their hardware as much as possible, so sacrifices must be made.

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