iPhone OS 4.0 Introduces Multi-Tasking And More…

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The biggest problem with the iPhone, iPod Touch and most recently the iPad is the lack of multi-tasking. Say I wanted to chop it up with Kap on Skype, while listening to Drake’s latest single and playing DoodleJump at the same time, at the moment that’s not possible on any of the aforementioned devices. Right now if I was talking to Kap about his latest Gamecrush experience but I also wanted to do something else outside of Skype I’d have to cut our conversation short, close the app, move on to whatever else I wanted to do and then come back to Kap when I’ve finished… but not for much longer!

Today during a press conference in California, Apple showed off the upcoming iPhone OS 4.0 which will be available in the summer for the iPhone 3GS/iPod Touch v3 and this Fall for the iPad. Apple is touting 100 new features in this update including “Multi-Tasking” to allow users to simultaneously run multiple applications, “Folders” which will allow you to store multiple app’s under one icon and a new wallpaper feature that gives you the ability to change the background image behind your apps. Apple also announced new security enhancements, an improved email system and they confirmed that their iBook service will also be making it’s way over to the iPhone/iPod Touch.

For you gamers, Apple revealed their new Game Center service which is a unified “Social Gaming Network” that will allow gamers to connect with their friends (or strangers), post highscores on to leaderboards and earn achievements. Think of it almost as Apple’s version of Xbox Box Live.

There are still 90+ other changes which Apple has yet to reveal but Multi-Tasking and the Folders feature alone is enough to get me excited for this update. The Koalition will keep you updated on any further developments.

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