Rockstar Announces Multiplayer Free Roam For Red Dead Redemption

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Red Dead Redemption just got even better. Rockstar today announced one of their multi-player options that will be featured in the Red Dead Redemption game, due for release next month. Players will be able roam the entire map with up to 16 other human players; you can even team up with friends to create an eight man posse. I can’t even begin to imagine the possibilities that will be open to gamers in this multi-player mode, if you thought Grand Theft Auto IV’s multi-player was fun then imagine the carnage which will be apparent in Red Dead Redemption.

Below is a quote from Rockstar’s press release along with a video showcasing the free roam mode.

Rockstar Games is proud to reveal Free Roam, the first piece of Red Dead Redemption�s groundbreaking multiplayer mode. Unlike any other multiplayer experience, Free Roam presents players with the entire, massive open world of Red Dead Redemption, right at their fingertips. Choose to explore the wild western wilderness solo, or join up with friends and wreck havoc as part of a posse. Eight people can be in one posse, while up to 16 players can explore the same, vast open-world lobby.

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