Killzone 3 To Be Lag Free

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During the  Killzone 3 Developer Session at the Eurogamer expo Senior producer Steven Terheidei addressed gameplay changes between Killzone 2 and 3. He brought up the fact that many Killzone players found that the previous game had controller lag when firing weapons. The controller lag was annoying for gamers like myself who had wait a second before the character eventually shot at the designated targets. Today at the Developer session Steven Terheidei announced that Guerrilla Games have listened to the feedback from the community and have removed the controller lag from Killzone 3.

Many Killzone fans will be happy to hear that the troublesome lag is gone, however Guerrilla Games did say the lag was in Killzone 2 intentionally. Steven Terheidei did stress that the lag was in the game to represent gun weight. Due to players not liking the lag weight it will be incorporated in other areas of gameplay such as the way the player walks or holds the gun. While there wasn’t specifics given as to how the weight mechanics will be in the game only time will tell as we get closer to the game. So what do you think about this if you are a fan of Killzone ? Let us know in the comments below.

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