Kinect Has The Potential To Be Very Profitable. It Only Cost $56 To Manufacture.

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Now that the Kinect is out, talk about numbers are going to start popping up all around the internet. Microsoft stated earlier that more that 500 million dollars was put behind Kinect’s marketing and it is known that it cost MS $56 to make one Kinect unit.

At $56 cost, there is great potential for Microsoft to start recovering lost income from R&D, testing, and whatever other budgets Kinect may have had very quickly. Don’t be surprised to see a tweet from Arron Greenberg in the near future talking about the new hot tub he just picked up once Kinect becomes profitable. Of course, gamers and consumers may feel one way or the other about Kinect’s retail to price ratio. Leave your comments below on how to feel about Kinect’s cost?

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