LA Noire’s Motion Scan Technology Trailer, David Cage Take Notes

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Rockstar just released a trailer showcasing the technology behind Team Bondi/Rockstar newest game LA Noire. Look at how amazing it is, just makes those Heavy Rain performances look dull and robotic. This new technology would allow developers to deliver the most realistic performances ever in a video game, the characters will no longer have lip synch issues or zombie face expressions.

Unlike other games where developers has to have animators and character designers for creating a cutscene, this game uses brand new groundbreaking technology called MotionScan where the actors goes into an all-white room where 32 cameras surround him and record his performance from every angle, giving a 3D rendition of the actor’s face. The scene is recorded then 100 percent recreated in polygon form on the spot with all it’s detail, which are optimized via Lightsprint’s real-time global illumination technology.

This new way of creating performances for games is like nothing you ever seen before. This will have more actual actors eager to be part of video games since now their performances will be captured and 100 percent recreated in full detail. LA Noire is going to blur the line even further between gaming and film.

Do not be surprised if this technology is what will be behind the next GTA and Read Dead games, this is what pushes game development to the next level. LA Noire’s launch window is Spring 2011 no official release date has been given yet, check the video out and let me know your thoughts on this new technology.

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