Mafia II – Kick In the Head Trailer

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I have to say if you wasn’t thinking of buying Mafia II then after watching this trailer you will want to make sure you have a copy reserved for you at your nearest game shop. 2k Czech who are the game developers really know how to show off the best parts of a game without using gameplay as i just want to jump into the world of Mafia. The trailer gives the game the right 1950’s Mafia feel showcasing the Mafia lifestyle with explosions, bribery, extortion, and jewellery theft. With everything going off its just crazy especially the daylight shoot out truly making me want to live the Mafia lifestyle for a day.

The games release date will be US August 24th  and UK August 27th 2010, but all can enjoy the Mafia II demo before hand on the PS3 and Xbox 360 August 10th. I hope you enjoy the trailer as much as i did with the Dean Martin song ain’t that a kick in the head to play in the background, however i do find it funny that they use a song made in 1960 for the games trailer when the game is going to be set between 1945-1955, nevertheless its a find piece of music to go along.

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