May NPD Video Game Sales Numbers Will Be Delayed Until July

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On the second Thursday of every month, video game journalist and developers gather over a campfire roasting marshmallows and wait for the latest NPD numbers to see what the best selling video games for the month are. Its a tradition that the Koalition’s own Edward V looks forward to, but this month he will be left disappointed by the NPD Group.

Industry Gamer has reported that the NPD Group is going through some architectural work and will be delaying the numbers until early July. Now we have to wait a few weeks to see how much the Nintendo Wii and Super Mario Galaxy 2 is outselling the competition by. I could be wrong, but I doubt Red Dead Redemption, Lost Planet 2, and ModNation Racers had what it takes to over throw the king of platform games.

Click HERE for April’s NPD Numbers to hold you over during the wait.

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