NEO GEO Classic Games Coming To PSN

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SNK is set to bring a whole bunch of classic neo geo games to the PSN via the Neo Geo Station. The new service which is set to launch on December 22nd will give us old skool gamers the chance to revisit some of SNK’s old classics including Metal Slug and The King of Fighters ’94. Full list of launch games can be seen below.

NEO GEO Station Launch games will include:

* Fatal Fury (Garoudensetsu)
* Metal Slug
* The King of Fighters ’94
* Samurai Spirits
* Super Sidekicks (Tokuten-o)
* Art of Fighting (Ryuuko no Ken)
* ASO II Last Guardian
* League Bowling
* Baseball Stars Professional
* Magician Lord

Here is the trailer of SNK Neo Geo Station, let me know what you think

More Info: SNKPlaymore

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