Ninja Theory On Devil May Cry: What Used To Be Cool Isnt Anymore

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A lot of us didn’t like the emo make over Dante received at the hands of Ninja Theory when the new Devil May Cry game got announced. Well Ninja Theory have their own theory (pun intended) on the matter. Speaking with 1up, design boss Tameem Antoniades had the following comments.

“It’s about Dante being cool and making you feel cool when you’re playing it, and so the combat and the style system and everything is integral to that,”

Oh really? He look cool now? Did they not learn from Sucker Punch’s mistake with Cole? Antoniades proceeded with the following quotes.

“But, you know, what was cool 12 years ago – I think that was when the first game came out [It actually came out nine years ago for PS2 – JC] – isn’t cool any more.

“If Dante, dressed as he was, walked into any bar outside of Tokyo, he’d get laughed out.

“What Devil May Cry did when it launched was it brought everything that was great about action cinema like the fashion, music – it was like a cultural melting pot – and I feel like now, for Devil May Cry to have that same impact, it needs to draw on new things.

“New music, new ways of cinematography, new fashion.”

For those who cannot stand the new Dante character model, do not hold your breathe on him being changed back to his usual state much like Cole from inFamous. The new Dante is here to stay. Despite the new character model I have a lot of confidence in Ninja Theory and I am sure they will craft a masterpiece all things considered.

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