Nintendo Confirms “Super Mario Collection: Special Pack” For The Wii

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Nintendo of Japan recently held a retailer briefing in which they casually revealed what has potential to become the best selling game of 2010, Super Mario Collection: Special Pack. This collection is said to be a Wii-make of Super Mario All-Stars but with a few goodies thrown in such as a booklet recapping 25 years of Mario history, showing previously unseen development materials, and a soundtrack CD with music spanning from Super Mario Bros. right through to Super Mario Galaxy 2.

For those out of the loop, Super Mario All-Stars (known as Super Mario Collection in Japan) is a SNES compilation which features graphically enhanced versions of Super Mario Bros. 1, 2, 3 and Lost Levels. Later on Nintendo re-released All-Stars and included Super Mario World but this version of the game was only available as part of console bundle and was never released separately.

No word on whether the Wii Collection will sport enhanced visual or contain other titles such as Super Mario World or Yoshi’s Island but given the nonchalantness of the game announcement I’m not raising my hopes up too high.

Super Mario Collection: Special Pack is expected to hit Japan some time next month, a western release has yet to be confirmed.

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