Now you can get paid to test video games while in the comfort of your own home!

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So, I see a lot of questionable ads on the internet about making money all the time. But, lately I have been noticing an increase in “game tester” ads popping up all over the place. So I decided to share my visit by clicking on one of these ads and reviewing the information. Should provide me some entertainment this fine Sunday morning. So I click on the ad and the very first thing I see is:

That’s some serious cake. Not if your only working 1 hour of course. But, regardless that’s a very appealing headline and I’m interested in finding out how. And most importantly I’m interested in who “I” is, this guy knows his stuff. Aren’t you? Lets read on.

Hard to find? Maybe that’s true in the sense; if you know people in the industry it would be easier. But a quick visit to the career/jobs section of a game makers website wouldn’t hurt, would it? Then the guy who has yet to identify himself goes on to ask: What would you say if I were to tell you that I can guarantee you a good video game testing job?

I find it hilarious he mentioned no level of education and the age minimum being 15. Now we know exactly the type of people he is looking to fall for this shit. I’m pretty sure you have to have a high school diploma, and be atleast 18 years old. 15 year old kids “working” as much as they want kind of crosses child labor laws, no? Oh yeah, might want to fix that “tster” typo in part 3, mysterious guy. This is a sales page, you can’t be spelling stuff wrong in your sales copy.

Maybe I got this mysterious guy all wrong. Here he is trying to prevent me from falling for a internet scam about video game testing. And what do I do in return? I make fun of his 15 year old customers and misspelled typos. Shame on me! With this guys help we won’t fall for those silly scams promising all that money for playing video games as much as we want. He has been doing this for 4 years, he knows what he is talking about. [/sarcasm]

We are pretty much at the bottom of the page and this guy still has not identified himself. But he goes on to break down the simple process of game testing. You get a assignment sheet along with the game. You play the game. Fill out the assignment sheet when your done. Mail the assignment sheet back. Keep the game. And receive an obese check in the mail every two weeks. Where do I sign up?

The bottom of the site links me to another sales page just like it, except with credit card payment information included. If you want to be a game tester, buying a guide on how to do it is a waste of time and money. Search Google and Wikipedia on being a “QA Tester” and use the internet as a free guide itself. Look on game company websites and career pages. Email them about QA positions that may be available. No I’m not a game tester, but I have a strong feeling the guy on this site telling you how to become one isn’t either. Don’t fall for the hype, do your research.

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