Peter Molyneux: Fable 3 Not The Last Of The Series

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In a recent interview here at The Koalition with Gary Swaby, Peter Molyneux dropped a overlooked gem about the Fable series. Turns out while many developers are going for the whole “Trilogy” trend, Peter is taking the “Legendary” route and going beyond 3 titles. When asked if Fable 3 made up for all the cool things they kept out of Fable 2, he said it will be the ultimate iteration. And most importantly he said it would not be the final. Good news, but I’m hoping to see more from Lion Head, don’t want to be playing “Fable Reach” 3 years from now. Read the full quote below plus, his thoughts on Project Natal.

You had a lot of plans for the first Fable game, and they could not all be implemented. Do you feel like you and the team will reach your ultimate vision this time with Fable III?

We’re certainly refining what we think of as Fable. Even though it’s only been two years since Fable II the changes we are making this time around are far more significant than the changes you saw between fable and fable II. Essentially we’re working through a list of the features which players found confusing in Fable II. It seems that over 50% of the people who played Fable II used less that 50% of the features available to them so in essence Fable III will be the ultimate iteration but don’t think by that, that I mean last!

And this is completely off topic, but look at what he says about the potential of Project Natal:

I know you can not comment too much on Project Natal, but what are your general impressions on the technology?

The tech is pretty impressive and it allows us to do things that even Sci-Fi writer would have struggled to imagine

If that’s not setting the bar high, than I dont know what is. Make sure you read the full interview here

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