Playstation Home Beta To End December

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Update: Sony earlier responded to Kirk’s comments stating that they have no plans to leave beta in Home, and they will continue evolving what Home has to offer. Oh well, they surely killed the excitement there.

Original: Two years after the beta went live; Playstation Home’s testing phase is set to end. It is unannounced what will become of Home after the beta ends, but one of the content designers had some interesting things to say to those who bashed the social simulator. Kirk Ewing who worked on a couple of the Home spaces; including the Audi space, had this to say.

“Most people think that Home is shit. I’m here to say that it’s not,” said Ewing, adding that over 1.7 million repeat users were using Home for just under an hour.

“One in three PS3 owners use Home. There are 1.7 million repeat users each using Home for around 53 minutes on average.”

With a quote that sounded like it was directed right at Ruthlesskid (I can imagine him saying Home is shit), Kirk hints at the fact there may have been some doubt in Home’s future. Who knows what Sony has in store next for home, we will have to wait a few months to find out.

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