R.I.P Guru

Hip Hop fans alike are mourning, as we loose one of the most respected Hip Hop icons in the game. Guru lost his battle with cancer, and now we must celebrate his life and his contributions to music. The whole Koalition team would like to say thank you Guru, and rest in peace. Condolences go out to his friends and family. If you are unfamiliar with Guru or Gangstarr then I suggest you look up the work, because the library is a reminder of what true hip hop is all about. It was just last week that I used a Guru song (Right where you stand) at the beginning of the Versus episode with Ruthlesskid and AJDougie, which is one of many classic songs by Guru.

I would like to include some quotes from my colleagues A.B Frasier and Carl Daniel, who are also big Guru fans.

A.B Frasier

Its real sad. He wasn’t that old, but when gods caling you I guess its time to go. gangstarr has been an inspiration to my music. one of the first rap groups where I felt the producer played a role just as big as the MC did. guru always had a powerful message in his simplistic flow. I was even inspired so much I actually sample his vocals in a song i made called daily hustle. hip hop will miss you.

Carl Daniel

I too would like to send my condolences to the family of Keith Elam aka Guru. Guru was without a doubt a legend and his work as both a member of Gangstarr and as a solo artist will eternally be appreciated. I always thought of Guru as a humble, wise being and I hope that the youth’s of today will aspire to be like him instead of the generic mixtape rappers who talk about lives they don‘t actually live. On behalf of The Koalition, I would like to thank Guru for his priceless contribution to the hip-hop world and urban culture, May his soul rest in peace.

If you would also like to leave a message to Guru, feel free to do so in the comments.