Rich’s E3 Blog: No Cake For You

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With E3 2010 literally one week away from sending gamers everywhere into buzz mode, I decided to provide my thoughts on further updates as we are preparing to make our way onto the showroom floor. If you have been following all the latest news about E3, then you would have noticed a lot of information has been leaked. For starters, Valve has made it public that the Portal 2 presentation has been cancelled in favor of a bigger surprise. This action alone has led fans to speculate that a Half Life 2: Episode 3 reveal must be forthcoming. I personally would love to see this happen given that the timetable to unveil the sequel is long overdue. The question of whether or not the game gets announced and released simultaneously on PC, Mac, Xbox360, and PS3 would seem like a no brainer given that Valve has a lot of money to gain by doing so. If anything, Episode 3 might be a PC timed exclusive with the console versions coming out months later. In any case, one can’t argue that packaging this title with Portal 2 would make for an insanely enjoyable upgrade to the Orange Box.

In other news, upcoming Sony games including Killzone 3 and Infamous 2 have been exposed in the form of videos and exclusive coverage from Game Informer Magazine. Just like in previous E3 outings, it has become standard practice for some game details to leak prior to the actual show.  Microsoft and Nintendo have remained fairly quiet on this front and will no doubt look to provide the shock factor. Even with that being said, the fact that all these titles have been uncovered lets me know that Sony may have even more up their sleeves. While it’s expected that Move and Natal will dominate a portion of E3, I still believe that these companies wouldn’t totally forget about the hardcore gamers who dislike motion controls. As for Nintendo, I will personally have the opportunity to cover the event and provide you Wii fans with my impressions later that day.

Overall the way things are shaping up, I feel all three consoles will have a strong showing and provide for some memorable experiences for every gaming enthusiast worldwide. Next week I’ll be providing you guys with a list of my most anticipated games of E3 2010 to get you ready for the show. Until then try to find some games that will hold you over during the long summer days ahead.

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