Rocksteady Confirms No Batmobile For Arkham City

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Many were hoping that the coming of a Batman: Arkham Asylum sequel might mean the possibility of a Batmobile based level, but unfortunately Rocksteady are throwing out a Batarang to shatter our dreams. Rocksteady boss Sefton Hill has confirmed today that there will be no vehicles available in Batman: Arkham City. When probed on the subject he said the following.

“There aren’t any playable vehicles in the game,”

“What we’ve really focused on is Batman himself. We see him as the ultimate vehicle.”

Whilst it’s all fine and dandy that we won’t be seeing any vehicles, I doubt we’ll ever see any wheels growing from the soles of Batman’s feet. Oh well, there’s always the possibility of vehicles in the third Rocksteady Batman game to look forward to, or how about a Batman racing game spin off?

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