Sony Loss Is Microsofts Gain, Kinect Success Is Proven, Goodbye Eyetoy [HHGS]

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HipHopGamer returns with another title thats longer than my — (lets not go there). This week HipHopGamer is just as Kinect crazy as the rest of the world seems to be, so don’t miss a beat.

1. Special Guest – Kudo, Aaron Greenberg, N’gai Croal and more.
2. Sports Champions Review With Accessories
3. Killer Instinct KINECT – Rare Is Officially Looking Into It
4. HipHopRss – Cop that murdered oscar grant only get 2 years in Jail BULLSHIT
Kanye And Jay-Z album coming Next Year
Cypha Sundays On HipHopGamerShow Featuring – Math Hoffa and more check it out


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