The Best Games Of 2011: Ms. Splosion Man

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Ms. Splosion Man

Full Title: Ms. Splosion Man
Developer: Twisted Pixel Games
Publisher: Unknown
Platforms: Unknown
Release Window: TBA 2011

Announced just a few hours ago, Ms. Splosion Man is already on path to be one of the greatest games of 2011. Last year’s ‘Splosion Man was a blast but if there’s one thing that could improve almost anything, it’s an explosive woman! Based on the debut trailer (which you can find below) the plot involves those donut loving scientist finally capturing Mr. ‘Splosion but inadvertently giving birth to female counterpart in the process. Like all women, Ms. Splosion is a deadly creature and I can only imagine she’ll be the one to free our hero from captivity. Those fearing that this will be nothing more than a re-skinned version of the first game should be comforted by this quote by Josh Bear, Twisted Pixel’s COO;

“We have never wanted to make a sequel to one of our games unless we thought it made sense, that we could add more to it and actually make a better game, We could have churned out new levels, but we wouldn’t have had the time to add in new gameplay puzzles or cool new character stuff. But we didn’t just want to do ‘Splosion Man 2, it had to be something a little more interesting”

Interestingly, Twisted Pixel “aren’t ready” to talk about which console the game will appear on which is slightly odd since they have only ever released XBLA games. Here’s to hoping the series will finally be making its way to the PS3 because as my homie HipHopGamer would say “This game is gonna be FIRE son!”


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