The Poll Data Is In: How Do You Feel About The MW2 Stimulus Package Pricing?

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This week in our sidebar poll we have been asking you all “How do you feel about the MW2 Stimulus Package pricing?” The Stimulus Package included five maps, three of them old. We wanted to know if you guys out there thought that was a fair price to pay for five maps, of which three of them are from the previous Modern Warfare. Fifty of you voted. Of that fifty, only 6 of you (12%) thought that it was indeed a fair price to pay. Seventeen of you (34%) felt that it didn’t matter to you because you weren’t interested in either the game or the DLC anyway. Twenty Seven of you (54%) agreed that it was way too much to pay for five maps.

So there you have it, the people have spoken. The majority say that Activision priced the Stimulus pack way too high, so take note Activision. For further impressions on the Stimulus Package, check out Eddy V’s impressions here. There is now a new poll question on the side bar, so be sure to cast your vote to help us log the latest trends in gaming.

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