TheKoalition 3.5 Teaser – Header

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As mentioned in the new episode of The Co-Op podcast, we are hard at work on TheKoalition version 3.5. When I say we I actually mean our robot James G. Building a theme from scratch is difficult for me to even understand the starting process but if anyone can do it, it’s James G.

As we approach 3.5 launch day (TBD), we are planning on giving some sneak peaks at the new adjustments. Today, we are giving you a look at the new header. Not only does it look great but that Solid Snake image will be in a cycle with other images that switch everytime. And another quick snippet, those colors I believe are staying. Vampires beware.

Leave any feedback you have in the comments below. Tell us it sucks, tell us it’s hot, tell us you copied it and used it on your site already.

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