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Here goes another Up Next segment where we showcase the best underground music, because this is the stuff that should never go unheard. You may remember David.E Beats from an interview we did way back, but he is definitely a diverse talent that deserves attention. This is mainly due to his own unique sound in which he uses guitar riffs to create an outstanding blues vibe. This track is called Walk In featuring The White House band, so check out the track along with his bio below.

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David E Beats and the White House Band is a loud, captivating, and energetic Brooklyn-based band. Formed in February 2010, the band created their own genre of music “New Vouge”: a combination of Rap, Hard Rock and Blues.
The lead, David E Beats, raps honest, clever lyrics and plays heavy guitar riffs guitar simultaneously while on stage. Unlike most rappers he became a self-contained musician, by teaching himself guitar. Skilled in both, he is also great at song writing. From a Hip Hop perspective, you can compare Beats melodies to a Kid Cudi, from a Rock perspective; Beats solos are reminiscent of a psychedelic 60’s Jimmy Hendrix, while his melodies are reminiscent of a more modern Buddy Guy.

The White House Band is comprised of Cory Lonas on bass, Fernando Martinez on guitar, and Elder Merchant on drums. Fernando aka “Sexy Solo” has highly emotive solos that accent the songs and resonates well with the audience. His style combines the brute force of heavy metal with the technicality of Jazz. Cory, Mr Galactic Panel, the bassist, has a whole bag of tricks and does more than play in the pocket. He plays bass with a heavy hand, loves to use effects pedals to put a little grit in the audience teeth when he plays. He has the most far out sounds imaginable and can compete with any guitarist in a solo. Elder, “Crazy Drummer” is the loudest of the four; the band is turning up to match Elders energy. Using 4 cymbals and crashes, his playing is meant more for an arena than a club! Watching David E Beats and The White House Band perform live is a unique experience, a total musical revolution!

The band has headlined the first DIY Bushwick Music Festival, performing in alternative Do-It-Yourself spaces. They opened the festival with a performance at Bushwick Music Studios and closed it with a performance at House of Yes to a packed house. The band has also performed at R. Bar, Kenny’s Castaways, The Delancey, Jebon, Alphabet Lounge, The Local 269, House of Yes, Drom, University of Maryland College Park Radio, Public Assembly, and CV Lounge.

Among their music influences, the band lists Black Sabbath, Miles Davis, The Beatles, Led Zeppelin, Buddy Rich, Metallica, and Guitar players like Eric Johnson, Marty Friedman, Jimmy Page and of course Hendrix.
David E Beats x The White House Band are currently recording a new project.

David.E Beats Myspace

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