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Whats up readers, Swiff here. I am here to announce that UP Next is officially back. So you will see either me or another member of the team showcase some of the music submitted to us by all the independent talents out there. Remember if you would like to submit your stuff just send an email to TKSongSubmit@gmail.com with the artist name, website, bio and an attachment of the song(s) you would like heard.

The artist I am showcasing today is called Ray Sytes, who was born in Guyana. I’m pretty sure you guys already know of my Caribbean heritage, so this should come as no surprise. Let us know what you think of the track.


Ray Sytes is a talented hip hop artist whose music is captivating as well as entertaining. Born in Guyana, his music incorporates his Caribbean heritage while displaying the swag of American hip hop. With this great blend of both cultures Ray Sytes is proclaimed the leader in the FAR SOUTH movement in hip hop. He broke download records on Frostwire.com by receiving over 50,000 in a week with his Guyanese Pride EP.

His soon to be released full length Mixtape Album entitled “Guyanese Pride” will be released this summer 2010. The cd has a collection of about 20 songs. Standout songs from the cd includeds a hot collaboration with T-Pain called “Everybody Else”, the smash “More Than Life” where he expresses his guilt about a love gone wrong and of course the street hit “GT Anthem” which he raps about the love for his country.

He has a mixtape being released in early Auguust 2010 called ” Tote My Flag (World Cup Edition)”.
It Both will be available for free on Bringitglobal.com as well as other mixtape sites.
Be on the lookout for Ray Sytes and the FAR SOUTH MOVEMENT.

Ray Sytes on Myspace

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