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As we get closer to the NBA season of gaming, 2Ksports is leading the way in terms of quality and quantity, as we heard before Michael Jordan will be a huge part of NBA 2K11, which seems to be the best NBA2K experience ever, offering MJ challenge mode, historic teams and now the ultimate mode is revealed!.

2Ksports revealed to ESPN what you will get once you finish “The MJ Challenge” in the game, a special mode will unlock that lets you control Jordan in his path to becoming the Greatest Of All Times, from young MJ with hair dunking on Eaton all the way to MJ in his 40s fading away on Kobe.

But here is the cool part, 2K also revealed that you can change history, have Sam Bowie go to the Bulls and MJ to the Blazers! lol, or take MJ in your own unique path and place him on your favorite team, create the legend of Michael Jordan only on NBA 2K11.

Then once The Jordan Challenge is beat in its entirety, the single-player, offline-only Creating a Legend mode unlocks.

“The idea behind MJ: Creating a Legend is that you’re going to step into today’s NBA with a rookie Michael Jordan,” says Boenisch. “He is rated a 79 overall, which gives you plenty of room to improve, but he has all of the physical tools of Michael as a rookie — the fast speed, the high jumping, the quickness — but he lacks a lot of the shooting skills and the offensive and defensive awareness. So you’re playing with a raw prospect who can do just about anything, but can’t deliver in the clutch just yet.

Also exciting is the news that Jordan’s physical appearance will transform as he ages in the game. Adds Boenisch: “When you start out as a rookie, you’re going to start out with the short fade, the short little hair. Then as he gets older you’re going to see him go with the bald look, then the mustache in the middle years, and his body will bulk up a little bit as he slowly becomes the older Jordan. For fans of Jordan, it’s really cool to see the progression and play as Michael and see what it is like to relive that skill that he had to takeover any game.”

And according to Boenisch, gamers will be able to play as Jordan from his rookie year all the way up to about age 40 as the rest of the NBA changes around you, complete with player trades and signings. Only thing missing is giving virtual MJ the ability to take time off for baseball. “You cannot play for the Birmingham Barons, sorry,” Boenisch says with a laugh. “But it’s a lot of fun, and it gives people something to look forward to as they play through the Jordan Challenge. We have achievements tied to this mode as well to give people more incentive to play, but this mode is all about kicking back on the couch, grabbing a controller, and having a lot of fun. It’s a great mode to just pickup and play.

“We went big with Jordan this year. It’s all about Michael.”


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