50 Cent Speaks On Sleek Headphones At CES

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We’ve all heard of the Beats by Dr. Dre headphones, well now someone else on Dre’s label has decided to get into the headphone business, and that is of course Mr. ‘Fiddy’ Cent. At CES 50 Cent presented Sleek By 50 Cent, a new brand of wireless headphones. Where as Dre’s headphones seem more focused on bringing you great sound, Sleek by 50 Cent has a great design as well as some decent sound. The headphones use a new technology called ‘Klear’ for its wireless signal, which is said to give an outstanding wireless signal which means consistently clear sound with no drop outs.

In the video below 50 Cent and some of the guys from Sleek give a press conference regarding the product. He even mentions Beats By Dre, but ensures that he wanted to go for something that wasn’t already on the market which was innovative, insinuating that he isn’t trying to attack Dre’s market share.

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