Anarchy Will Reign in 2012

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As originally reported by Andriasang, the official site for Max Anarchy, being released in the west as Anarchy Reigns, is now listing a release date of January 2012, marking a delay of the initial Fall 2011 release. However, until an official statement has been release by Sega, it still isn’t clear whether or not this only applies to Japan or to all regions.

Anarchy Reigns is the upcoming online multiplayer beat-em-up coming from Platinum Games, and is the fifth game that they are developing under Sega. This is the second game following Mass Effect 3 that has announced a delayed release date. Speculation can point to a handful of factors that may have caused this delay, including the tsunami and earthquakes that affected the production of several games coming from Japan, or the recent announcement of other big titles such as Modern Warfare 3 and Starhawk, among other AAA titles releasing at that time. History has shown that the Fall season is often saturated with a number of quality titles, which can cause relatively newer IPs especially to fall through the cracks. Despite the delay, gamers can still look forward to a number of games to play and anticipate a quality title in Anarchy Reigns once it drops in 2012.

Original Source: Andriasang

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