Back To Football, EA releases Madden 12 Demo Details.

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A few weeks ago many NFL fans didn’t think this year they would get to see an NFL season since the players and owners had created an NFL lockout situation due to financial negotiations. EA were also worrying about this situation since their biggest sports game of every year needed the backbone of the NFL league for overall support of the game.

But fear not Madden fans the NFL Lockout is over, EA is so happy they will release a Madden 12 demo on August 9th. The details of demo should make fans of the series happy, it is a full game demo of 5 minutes quarters between NFC’s challengers The Greenbay Packers vs The Chicago Bears in Soldier Field.

EA’s Madden 12, with Cleveland Browns running back Peyton Hillis on the cover, will be available on August 30th for every console on this planet.

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